Community (title of the entire project.)


The space was a very unusually shaped lobby that had an open stair case a large landing and forty foot ceiling.

The goal was to make the space into a welcoming center for visitors and residence.

Transforming the space with color and a meaningful representation of what a community consists of was the artist goal. 

It was further personalized by adding unique aspects of York community.  Such as the York Fair and the white rose of York.


The panels were painted with translucent dyes, gold resist and finish with pen and ink. They were all painted on Egyptian cotton and custom framed with brass and plexiglass. The seven murals mounded on the walls all had light boxes to back light them.


Community consisted of seven back lit murals all depicting aspects of the York community and one 20’ mobile suspended from ceiling titled LIFE. LIFE is the first statement that people experience when they walk through the doors.

York Chamber of Commerce


completes the entire project .

It consists of three large works of art that 

intersected to depict the nature of life.

It starts with a smaller panel (4' x 5') that

representing the SUN.

The design flows into two larger panels showing the beautiful aspects of life. Animals nature, children at play and the white rose of York PA. (two panels 4'x12' each)

The length of Life is twenty feet.



(left to right)


Eagle represents

Government:                              5’ x 5’

Graphic representation of industry:         4’ x 12’


Graphic representation of Agriculture:    4’ x 12’


Graphic representation of Culture:           4’ x 12’


upper right 

Religion:         8’x 8’


lower right 

Education:       5’x 5’

Stair case landing

York Fair            4'x 6'

Gallery of COMMUNITY : Seven back lit murals and a twenty foot stay-mobile titled LIFE 

view of York Fair on the landing.
York Fair
Wall of Community
Community Wall
Closeup of Government
Closeup of Industry
Closeup of Agriculture
Closeup of Culture
Staircase - landing - mobile
Aerial view of Mobile
Top Art for Mobile
Closeup of top Art in Mobile
Closeup of second part of Mobile
Closeup of last art of Mobi
Back view of Mobile

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