Sculptural Screens

Scuptural Screens became an entrepreneurial venture after designing a screen for a client's foyer.
There are areas in homes and offices that need the perfect statement.
These screens are that beautiful unique statement.
They are one of a kind works of art.  
The frames are made out of exotic woods and designed by Ange.
A master craftsman cuts and finishes the wood, working closely with the artist for a perfect installation with the art.
The art is created with color fast dyes on natural fibers. Ange studied with a world renown artist to learn the Japanese Rosome art of painting.
She took that knowledge and developed her own technique. There are many steps to dyeing the cloth and hand painting the design.
Each piece is steamed set. The piece is then finished with inticate pen & ink line work on both sides.
The results are works of art translucent color, innovative in designs and uniquely beautiful.