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Art In Glass 

Art in Glass is a bold paradigm shift in how we think about Fine Art.

The Art is painted on natural fabric. It is dyed and painted with color fast dyes and enhanced with pen & Ink.

The Art is laminated in glass becoming architectural glass.

The Results are stunning and reminiscent of Stain Glass.

The Process enables the colors and the designs to be limitless.

Private Commission

Blue Heron was the theme,

a favorite bird of the clients.

This piece was an accent to their foyer.


It added unique light and a sophisticated statement that enhanced the room.


 Floral motif to hang in large foyer window 42" Diameter 



 Fashioned to create a unique ambience for any environment.  




can be bold and vibrant or be soft analogous colors.

Custom Contemporary Designs for Window Installations. 

Tropical Garden  26" diameter

 The Concords 24" diameter


Paradise flight  24"x 40"

 window installion

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